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hotwire is was the newsletter of The Toaster Museum Foundation. It contains a variety of subject matter relating to toasters: articles on specific toasters, collector profiles, information on companies and industrial designers, as well as toaster-related fiction, poetry and art.

Some of the material published in hotwire gets posted here on our website. You can find a listing of the articles available online below:

Whence This Foundation

The Saga of Landers, Frary & Clark

Mr. Sunbeam: Ivar Jepson

Evolution of the Sunbeam T-20

The Toastmaster Bachelor/ette Toasters

The Cheerie Toastove

Hotpoint - A Brief Independence

Toasters, The Inside Story

Toastmaster Chronology

Toastmaster Toasters - When They Were Made

Carl Barks & The Great Pop-up

The Rollicking Roly Toaster

A Simple Simplex

Cleaning Toasters

Hello Kitty!

Cordless Toasters

The Knoblock Toaster

60 Years, 1 Toaster

A Memoriam to a Toaster Man: Red Kruck

Grand Daddy of Heating Appliances

The World's Most Tragic Man is the One Who Never Starts

Bad Doors, Bad Handles, Bad Feet. And Bad Toast.

Other Articles:

Albert Marsh, Inventor, Scientist

LMP: Licensed Under Marsh Patents

Fred G. Cooper's Westinghouse Art

William Hoskins

Hotpoint Pamphlet, c. 1920

History of Proctor-Silex, 1788 to 1972

Address to Proctor Organization in 1945 by Joseph W. Myers, Vice President for Research & Development

Toastmaster Logo Origin

Toastmaster Model 1-A-1 Instruction Manual

Sunbeam Model T9 Service Manual

Sales Volume of Toasters, 1922-1971

1929 Modern Mechanics Article:
Slicing Bread by Machinery

1947 Popular Mechanics Article:
How Your Automatic Toaster Works

1955 Modern Mechanics Article:
The Munsey Oven Toaster

Promotional Piece for The GE "Hotpointer"
Model 129T41 Toaster





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