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Fred G. Cooper's Westinghouse Art

Fred G. Cooper enjoyed a career as one of America's foremost illustrators in the first quarter of the twentieth century. His "bighead" cartoon characters were seen constantly throughout the teens, twenties and thirties in many of the most popular magazines of the day.

He was hired by the Westinghouse Company, which manufactured such appliances as washing machines and dryers, toasters, irons and, later, percolators, am/fm radios and record players, to produce a campaign for a number of new time saving appliances for the home. These posters are rare today and are collected for their interesting graphics, their historical appeal and the art of Cooper's work.

Below are some examples of his illustration work for the Westinghouse Electric Toaster Stove.

Fred G. Cooper Ad  Fred G. Cooper Ad  FG Cooper art

Below is a scan of the back of one of these advertising cards:
Cooper Card Backside





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