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hotwire was the newsletter of The Toaster Museum Foundation. It contains a variety of subject matter relating to toasters: articles on specific toasters, collector profiles, information on companies and industrial designers, as well as toaster-related fiction, poetry and art.

Some of the material published in hotwire gets posted here on our website. You can find a listing of the articles available online on the Articles Page.

Below is a listing of all the issues thus far produced and their contents.

If you'd like to order back issues of hotwire, contact us for details.


Volume 1, Number 1

  • Whence This Foundation? - foundation history, part I.
  • Company profile of Landers, Frary & Clark.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Sunbeam designer Ivar Jepson article, part 1.
  • Evolution of the Sunbeam T-20
  • Collector Profiles: Paul Wellborn and Helen Greguire.
  • Toaster Art by Eric Norcross

Volume 1, Number 2

  • Whence This Foundation? - foundation history, part 2.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • "Mr. Sunbeam," Ivar Jepson article concluded.
  • Single-slice "Bachelor" Toastmaster toasters profiled.
  • Collector Herbert G. Pfabe is interviewed.
  • Non-profit status announced.
  • Toaster Art Auction.

Volume 1, Number 3

  • Profile of The Cheerie Toastove.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Collector Profile: Joe Lukach.
  • Dry Toast, an essay by John Thorne of Simple Cooking, part 1.
  • Kitchen Police, toaster fiction.
  • Toast Art by Eric Norcross

Volume 2, Number 1

  • Hotpoint Company history
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Dry Toast part 2
  • Collector Profile: Dan Orgill
  • Toaster Art by Dan Orgill
  • A Toastpoem by Kalirush Toastdancer
  • Hints of a new home for the Toaster Museum.

Volume 2, Number 2

  • Toasters: The Inside Story, part 1.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Understanding electricity by Professor Louis Bloomfield.
  • Toastmaster Powermatic profile from a 1960 issue of Popular Science.
  • News of the Foundation's move to Virginia.
  • Chronology of the Toastmaster company.
  • Toastmaster Toasters - When They Were Made.
  • Collector Profiles: Juergen Quitzau & Charles & Thais Whippy
  • The Rollicking Roly-Toaster examined.
  • Update on the Hotpoint El Tosto.
  • Toast Art by David Engen.

Volume 2, Number 3

  • Toasters: The Inside Story part 2.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • The Care & Repair of Toasters.
  • News of the Museum.
  • Early 1904 Simplex toasters profiled.
  • A Toaster comic story by Carl Barks.
  • Collector Profile: Bill & Laura Condie.
  • Diary of a Toaster Designer, humor.

Volume 3, Number 1

  • Single-Slot Toaster of Venus, fiction by Tracy Aileen Copeland.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Toast-O-Lator essay by Paul Lukas.
  • Collector Profiles: Dan La Belle & Carol and Rodger Mueller.
  • Cleaning Toasters by Dan La Belle.
  • Sunbeam Model T-35 semiotics essay by Amy O'Hair.
  • The King and the Toaster, fiction.
  • Appliance Intelligence, fiction.
  • Hello Kitty toaster profiled.
  • Toasty and Warm, Like a Saddlesore, essay by James M. Knipfel.
  • Talkie Toaster (from Red Dwarf) profiled.
  • Toast Recipes.

Volume 3, Number 2, aka "hotfire" - The Non-Electric Issue

  • Cordless Toasters, an overview of non-electric toasters.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Company Profile: Coghlan's Ltd. of Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Toaster Profile: The Knoblock Toaster
  • Collector Profile: Jack & Beverly Wilgus.
  • Article on The Toaster Collector Association.
  • Nancy & Grant Vogel of Seal Beach, CA celebrate 60 years of marriage using same toaster.
  • A Memoriam to a Toaster Man: William "Red" Kruck.
  • Savory Radiant Gas Toaster profiled.

Volume 3, Number 3

  • Extensive article on William Hoskins, the "Grand Daddy of Heating Appliances.
  • Letters to the Editor.
  • Foundation Update.
  • Machine Age Toasters in Consumer Reports by Bill Meehan.
  • Collector Profile: Michael Sheafe or
  • Reprints of 1930s toaster catalog ads.




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