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Toastmaster Logo Origin...

Toastmaster Swirl Design Received via email in June 2000:

Good morning,

My name is Greg Brammer I happened upon your interesting website and just thought I would let you know that I live in Macon, Missouri, home of Toastmaster Inc. I know, the main office is somewhere else but Macon is the self proclaimed toaster manufacturing center in the world. Three shifts of continues toaster production - MILLIONS of them - produced over year after year.

We have a small town, and almost everyone that lives here works for or has worked for Toastmaster sometime in their life. I have spent 10 years there and just recently moved on to a career in online marketing. While there I was involved in production and then some managment, being Supervisor over the recently announced bagel line and toaster oven line.

Anyway, I thought you might like a bit of trivia. I personally know Glennon Weber, retired but still "full of it."

The man is a walking memory machine of toaster trivia... since he started there over 45 years ago... and just retired as overall plant Supervisor. He shared this with me:

The triple swirl design you see frequently on the sides of toasters in cartoons and still on some models - now the legal Toastmaster logo I believe, is there because of a mistake.

Years ago there was a flaw in a large order of steel that was purchased. Instead of taking a loss on the entire steel purchase....the dies were altered slightly to "camoflage" this minor metal flaw. It stuck and has been that way ever since.

Anyway, thought you might enjoy the little bits of trivia.

Have a nice day!

Greg Brammer
Macon, MO





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